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Dynamic Adventure is a guide for a journey. It’s packed with tools designed to equip your team to navigate the winding path of missional church planting. Take your first step and explore a few samples!

Guide Preface

Listen to the heartbeat of dynamic adventure.
Does it resonate with you?

Table of contents

A brief overview of the journey ahead, highlighting key
sections of the guide.

How to use this guide

An introduction to Dynamic Adventure, our methodology, and the best way to use the guide.

index of learning exercises

The complete listing of learning exercises. Each of the 57 exercises is designed to help your team process an important concept together and then act in response.

Sample Exercise

Learning exercises are the key to transforming knowledge into action. The guide has over 50 exercises for individuals, pairs, small groups, and teams. Try out a team learning exercise.

Ready to get started?

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What People Are Saying

Alan Hirsch

award winning author on leadership and mission

"I love what my sisters and brothers at Communitas International are doing to train and develop church planters and missionaries in the incarnational mode. The material articulated here has been worked out through decades of experience in the white-hot context of mission in the toughest places in Western culture. We do well to pay attention and learn from them."

Geoff Rinehart

Church Planter - Spokane, WA area

“A group of pastors and community development leaders began experimenting with a pre-release edition of the Dynamic Adventure several months ago. Already, we are witnessing transformed people, neighborhoods, and churches. While the guide is not a quick-fix manual, the truths and exercises contained within it are impactful and effective. We are excited to see where this leads us on our journeys toward missional living.”

Leon Longard

Pastor/Team Leader, Indianapolis, IN

"Even though we were already pursuing a missional vision as a faith community, Dynamic Adventure is a helpful tool to get everyone on the same page to understand what we mean when we call ourselves missional. The exercises helped keep everyone engaged as opposed to a standard lecture approach to imparting vision. The “What is Church?” exercise reminded us that we can be free to let go of our assumptions of what it means to be a church and focus on the forms that fit our mission and unique identity."

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