Are there other ways to be the church?

What does it mean “to be the church” anyway?

How can my existing church be more missional?

Is anyone else asking these questions?

These are important questions. 

If you're pursuing answers, you are not alone.

you have a guide

Starting or shaping a missional expression of church is a wild and unpredictable adventure. There are no maps for where you’re going. You need an experienced guide.

Dynamic Adventure: A Guide to Starting and Shaping Missional Churches is your team’s practical guide for the journey.


Dynamic Adventure is a unique approach to missional church.
Here's an overview:

The Basics Packing for the Journey

We begin by building a good foundation. We want you and your team to move forward armed with a good grasp of the meaning and relevance of the six church planting dynamics. We also want to tap into the fountain of our motivation and passion which relates to how we see ourselves - our identity as God's children and co-laborers in Christ's mission.

Going Local Moving in and living out

Unpack the first two dynamics: embed and initiate. These two dynamics work together to activate our missional DNA – that inner core of our missionary calling and its expression outward. Embed and initiate are important startup dynamics for a missional faith community, but they need to be continually cultivated throughout the life of any healthy church.

Going deep Forming who we are

At this stage the time is ripe to dig deep and agree on our communal identity and way of life together, so that we can not only form as a sustainable community but also be formed as a people who think,  act, and care like Jesus. Practice and mature help us grow into an accessible, self-governing, and self-supporting church.

Going Wide Expanding our horizons

God desires that the whole world hear the good news! So how do we, a small collection of disciples in a specific locale, promote the multiplication of missional initiatives and new expressions of church in and beyond our city?

Hubbing and extending help us partner with others to seed new life near and far.

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