Welcome to the Dynamic Adventure GPS! This tool is a companion to Dynamic Adventure: A Guide to Starting or Shaping Missional Churches. Whether you are just beginning your church planting adventure or you are well on your way, we know from 50 years of experience that missional church planting can be like a journey into wild and unknown territory. We see the Dynamic Adventure book itself as a guide to help you navigate the mysterious landscape and help you draw your own, unique church planting map. First, we’d like to help you determine your location, hence this GPS.

Imagine yourself feeling a little lost and finding comfort in clicking on an app that shows you where you are so you can see where you are going. That’s the goal of this tool. It’s not a test—there is no passing or failing—it’s only meant to help you find your location and determine the best path forward using the Dynamic Adventure guide. So, be honest and respond to each question on behalf of your community as a whole, not just from your individual perspective. For even better insight, consider having multiple people in your community use it and compare your results. Let’s go!

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