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We're grateful you want to help us get the word out about the Dynamic Adventure Guide! We believe this resource has the potential to make a great impact for the Kingdom of God!

We've shared a few things below you can do to join in:

Social Media

1. Follow us on Facebook

Add your thoughts and experiences to our posts and pictures. 

We don't want our Social Media pages to only tell our story...we want to hear your thoughts and stories too! Please join in the conversation and add your voice!

Share our Facebook Page and Posts with your friends

You probably know a bunch of people who fall into one of two camps:

  1. People who have asked the questions or started the journey found in the Guide. When you share the page and posts with your network, you never who will be impacted. Not only does this increase the reach of the Guide, but it may also open up opportunity for conversations with your network.
  2. People who support your work and would like to have a frame of reference for understanding a new model of church planting.

Invite Facebook Friends to 'Like' the Facebook Page

Facebook makes it easy to invite people to 'like' a page that you like. We invite you to take just a few minutes to invite people to like our page who you feel would resonate or benefit from the Guide.

2. Follow us Instagram

If Facebook isn't your thing, we share the same posts and thoughts on Instagram as well.

Tag Friends in Instagram Posts 

A lot of our posts ask questions and we want to meet new people who may want to share their voice. Feel free to tag people (friends, supporters, fellow church-planters, church leaders) in posts you think they'd want to engage in.

Digital Media

Share about the guide in your email newsletters. 

If you send an email to supporters, you could share about how your project is practicing the principles in the guide. This would help open up opportunities for conversation with your supporters as well as educate them on the work you're doing.

Email a link to this website to the leaders of your supporting churches. 

This guide is a great resource for church communities and would be great for small groups to use as curriculum.

Put a link on your blog or website to the Guide on Amazon 

The people who read your blogs are most likely the same people who would be most likely to engage with the Guide. If you use your Amazon affiliate link, you may be able make a few bucks :).

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We send out newsletters with additional resources and share stories of people who are engaging with the Guide. We would for you to subscribe and give us any feedback you may have. We may be looking for people to contribute to this newsletter in the future.

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Connect with us and others who are on the journey with the Dynamic Adventure. 

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